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Introducing my search for the best burrito (in London)

by Ross Bruniges on October 18th, 2010

Just a quick little note to say that unless you are extremely eagle-eyed you might have missed the new page I have put in my main navigation named London’s best: burrito. I am a big burrito fan and I’ve been happy to see over the past months a number of new burrito chains opening up across town and I want to find out which is best in the only way possible by eating at them all.

I don’t see this being a short lived project and it indeed might take me a few months to complete which is why I’ve put it in the main navigation opposed to creating a post or two. For updates check my twitter feed.

And if anyone has an idea of how to take decent photographs of burritos please let me know as current attempts look just like kebabs and that just isn’t doing them any credit…

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