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by Ross Bruniges on November 2nd, 2010

At a glance


Cost : £5.00



Exmouth Market



Just a bit average really. Rather tame hot sauce but nice tender steak and well wrapped so absolutely no chance of spilling and wastage. Also a good price at only £5, though maybe it could be said you get what you pay for…

Part of Londons best burrito

Back in October 2010 I decided to try and find what I felt was London's best burrito after noticing that there was quite a lot of choice. To make it a fair test I set the following rules:

  • steak burrito
  • no guacamole
  • hot sauce
  • to go (no knife and fork allowed)

How does this burrito ran in my quest? See my full list of what I feel are London's best burritos.

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