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Looking back and thinking ahead

by Ross Bruniges on December 30th, 2010

So we have hit the second to last day of 2010 and while most people sit at home looking forward to what the new year and the custom celebrations the night before it might bring I find my self doing pretty much the same but from the unfortunate location of my work desk. Food wise it has been quite a year for me visiting same fine restaurants, eating some great courses and in doing so even breaking a few of my own eating out rules.

Looking back (at 2010)

The standard for the year was set way back in January when my trip to The Fat Duck was closely followed by one to The Square. While I will always class The Fat Duck as probably my best meal ever the quality of the food on show at The Square was not far off at all, my only disappointment was at my own inability to take decent shots of the food due to the dark dining room and my poor shot taking skills.

Textures of asparagus from Roux at Parliament Square (June)

Further great meals were had at Trinity which has probably one of the best value menus in London (especially on a Sunday), Gauthier where I went to on my birthday, the pig eating fest that was my mates birthday at St John Food and Wine at Liverpool Street and wrapped up in great style at Viajante. Outside of London we had the delightfully delicate food and the not so delicate or delightful cheese coma induced from Le Champignon Sauvage in Cheltenham and some amazing seafood dishes at The Kings Arms in Dartmouth.

I’ve already mentioned The Square but I think the biggest thing I can do to install it’s quality on people is mention that I went back there; normally I don’t allow myself to go back to places I’ve already been but I had to make a special exception. Not happy to break the no going back rule once I did it again in October by returning to Champor Champor to celebrate their 10th year.

Satay-marinated lamb neck fillet in lotus root korma from Champor Champor (October)

It was also a good year for booze as I discovered two new beers that I would very happily drink again in Deus, a lager/beer created over a number of months in both Belgium (where it is brewed) and France (where it is refined and riddled) and therefore having a crisp, buttery flavour similar to Champagne and Meantime London Larger which is a refreshing larger brewed in London and I think will turn out to be the perfect BBQ beer this summer. While on the subject of booze I was also very happy that one of my best mates was invited to show his wines at MasterChef Live in Coutts exclusive wine area; if you’re looking for interesting Italian wines then check out The Winemakers Club.

Thinking ahead (to 2011)

Can 2011 top 2010 then? Well I certainly hope so, if not then at least keep up to the high standard. I’ve got Dinner by Heston Blumenthal lined up for the 15th February and I’m extremely excited to see how he fares in a bigger venue and how his dishes will scale up to feed more than double what he would feed on a normal night at The Fat Duck. After experiencing the delights of the Hawksmoor Kimchi burger I’m also now preparing to have it’s rival for London’s best burger at Bar Boulud. There is also a few places that I would like to eat at that I hope to get to.

Kimchi burger and beef dripping chips from Hawksmoor, Seven Dials (December)

I’m extremely excited to have the ability to meet Tom Parker Bowls, Tim Hayward and Matthew Fort at The Guardian in late February for a two day course on food writing and hope to start meeting more food people either through twitter or in real life as I try and get more people reading (and liking) my stuff.

Outside of London I’ve got a two week trip to both New York and San Francisco to plan out and after already noticing the epic sandwiches you can buy in New York I just know there will be some good eating done out there. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

Burrito from Chilango (November)

Of course there will be more burrito’s as I continue my search for London’s best and more photos as I plan on remembering to take my camera with me more often. I’m hoping I can also start taking better shots after finding a few more settings on my camera than I thought I had one night while pissed; hopefully one of them will be better for the dark lights and bright white plates!

Well I think that pretty much sums up things for me. Don’t drink too much on New Years Eve and I hope to have you all back in 2011. Thanks very much for reading, sorry for this rather monster sized blog post.

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