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by Ross Bruniges on January 23rd, 2011

At a glance


Chef: Yianni Papoutsis

Reservations: No reservations

Rating: 8 out of 10

Cost : £0-£25


316, New Cross Rd


SE14 6AF


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Don't just take my word for it

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Unfortunately #meateasy is now closed, but the burgers and fantastic boozy atmosphere live on at Meat Liquor, 74 Welbeck Street, W1G 0BA. Expect queues!

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Bacon cheese burger

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Sometimes bad things need to happen in order for great things to come about. Cause and causality. Back in early December the legendary Meat Wagon, a burger van chased far and wide by burger loving folks across the UK was stolen; a day or two before they were supposed to be popping up at the #tweetmas gathering at The Florence in Herne Hill. That was the bad but the good is now above The Goldsmiths Tavern in New Cross and called #meateasy, a temporary restaurant opened so that a new meat wagon can be bought and in the mean time provide awesome meat based meals to anyone willing to make the trip.

And willing they are. I thought it might be a bit less busy on a cold Wednesday night but no, a mere 30 minutes after opening and we managed to get what was pretty much the last free table. The room is a large space above the pub with it’s own bar that serves bottled Meantime London Larger (no pints) and cocktails from Soulshakers served in jam jars. Ordering is kept at bay by providing each guest with a numbered peg that allows them, once their number is called to order 4 items from the menu – which is written in chalk on the wall.

Philly cheese steak

Alongside burger staples such as the chilli cheese (regular readers would have already seen one of these) and bacon cheese burgers there are numerous other dishes that catch the eye. Philly cheese steaks are a classic for me and I was very happy to use up one of my 4 orders on one; the beef was very tender and the melted cheese acted like a meaty flavoured glue holding it all together inside of the bun which was near to bursting. I wondered what the Dead Hippy was told it was their take on a big mac and biting into one really did bring me back 20 odd years to when I would go to McDonalds on a trip to Bath or Bristol and eat one for lunch. The taste of pickle and sauce were spot on but thankfully the burger was of a much, much higher standard – for me it was the star of the night merely for the nostalgia of eating a big mac!

A Dead Hippy

All expected side dishes can be had. I found the chips strangely addictive and the onion rings, cooked in batter and crisp enough to bite into and not pull out the rest of the onion in your first bite were great. Dishes we didn’t manage to get though were strongly tempted by were the chicken burger (check the picture, it looks great), chilli dog, french dippers and mac ‘n’ cheese (served as a side dish).

I really really enjoyed the meal here. This isn’t ‘fine dining’ but it is always a load of fun plunging your teeth into a nice burger (or meat filled roll) and I think that these are some of the best. The value for money is great and the vibe of the place is lively and buzzing. They could do with a few more lights, indeed the light was so bad I had to point and hope with the photos and I think planning on bringing a big group down could likely fail due to the no booking policy and it’s popularity. How long will it be open for I don’t think anyone really knows but I hope it’s long enough for me to get in another visit!

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