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Burro Burrito

by Ross Bruniges on April 8th, 2011

At a glance

Burro Burrito

Cost : £5.95



3-4 Ludgate Broadway



Another burrito in the OK range. The beef was tender enough to bite through and not have to resort dragging huge chunks of it out at a time and the rice had enough coriander in it to provide a nice fresh taste when combined with the tomato salsa. Hot sauce disappointed and was a bit runny so it wasn’t the easiest eat.

Part of Londons best burrito

Back in October 2010 I decided to try and find what I felt was London's best burrito after noticing that there was quite a lot of choice. To make it a fair test I set the following rules:

  • steak burrito
  • no guacamole
  • hot sauce
  • to go (no knife and fork allowed)

How does this burrito ran in my quest? See my full list of what I feel are London's best burritos.

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  • Joao Carlos

    The customer’s satisfaction is definitely not their main concern in this chain!!! I have visited them for a first time: The approach was fine, the guy taking the orders was quite nice and polite… I than moved to the lady that served the meats, and when I asked her for a nice portion of chicken, she mentioned that it was a set amount, and if I wanted extra I would have to pay. I asked her how much it would be, and the gentleman who first had looked after my order told me “£0,50″. All went well until when I got to the cashier, the lady informed me a price “£1,00″ more expensive than the price of the burrito. I explained to her that I was informed it would cost £0,50 extra, and she replied “I am the one who sets the prices, he wouldn’t have informed you that”. I wasn’t worried about the fifty pence extra, but the way I was spoken to was an absolutely disgrace. How can a costumer be treated like that? She was saying (in other words) that I was making that up? And that, in front of all other costumers. Why didn’t she verify it, before taking a stand that the customer is “always wrong”? I insisted that I had been sold that for such price, and I would only pay that much, and asked her to check it with the person who informed me about it, but she showed herself to be inflexible. Lucky enough, as the other clients in the queue had also witnessed the story, the gentleman right behind me told her that I was telling the truth, he also heard when I was told the price I mentioned. And after this she was in silence. She did not apologize or anything. I believe I might have been treated differently because I was not wearing a suit, as most of your clients are. I was on my way from the gym, and so, I was dressed in sportswear. (but of course this is just my opinion) That was not all, I have also contacted them to explain what happened, and all I got was an email back saying that they will talk to their team about this. They than, stopped replying to me, and I had no further news from them. Shameful! Very disappointing.