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Pitt Cue Company

by Ross Bruniges on June 19th, 2011

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Pitt Cue Company

Chef: Tom Adams

Reservations: N/A

Rating: 5 out of 10

Cost : £0-£25


Under Hungerford Bridge




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After the success of their food van, the thing I am reviewing here, Pitt Cue has opened up in the West End in a less cold/windy location; and it's AMAZING! Read the Pitt Cue Soho review

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Pitt Cue Company

A 'pickle-back'

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When a restaurant or place to eat is good it can get a little boring seeing post after post after post glowing with praise for the food, the atmosphere and the occasion. When Dinner opened each blog talking about it seemed to be almost self apologising to us for telling about the quality on display. Recently I saw a load of posts popping up about the Pitt Cue Company – a temp food truck set up on the Southbank serving what looked authentic BBQ meats. I kinda feel bad for saying that I didn’t like it…

Looking at all the posts I’ve read (from Cheese and Biscuits, from No Reservations, from Skinny Bib and from Food Stories) I can see that they were all done on a lovely sunny day – something that we’ve had plenty of recently and from what I can see we’ll be having plenty more of. Unfortunately for me my day was pissing it down with rain, was dark and miserable; though it did mean that there was no queue to endure! I’m not sure that this effected the offerings put on my the Pitt Cue team but I also noticed a fairly sparse menu on offer – just beef brisket and pork forming the £7 menu; I had planned to sample a number of dishes and had formed metal images of myself tucking into hot wings so not having this as an option didn’t make me too happy though I’m guessing that’s the chance you have to take when going to a food truck.

The food cart on a rainy day

What they did have a great supply was however was booze! I’m a big Brew Dog fan and drinking some out of a can while tucking into BBQ’ed meat was certainly a good thing to do. Cocktails a plenty were also on offer and rather un-originally I went for a pickle-back – the double shot concoction of a shot of Bourbon and a shot of pickling juices. As has already been said this combination works much better than you would imagine which the strong salty juice being made palatable with the sweetness of the Bourbon – to me it tasted like drinking a liquified big mac.

Pulled pork with beans

With a limited choice and a friend going with me it seemed best to each try one of the dishes. I’ve not been to Texas to sample ‘proper BBQ’ but thankfully he had done so and have craved such tastes to become available in the UK. The fact that I didn’t even get to try a bit of the beef brisket and slaw probably says all that needs to be said of it’s quality. My pork was indeed a very good quality with the already succulent cuts of strips of meat being made even more so with plenty of liquor (possibly too much liquor) from the side of beans I chose to go with. But for me that was as far as it went. It was good BBQ but it didn’t feel so awesomely amazing as I was expecting, it got cold really quickly and cold BBQ didn’t really do it for me.

So it feels to me like the Pitt Cue Company lives and dies on the weather. I can imagine on a sunny day with the BBQ smell wafting around under the bridge, the seating being dry to sit on, drinking multiple Brew Dogs and cocktails and there being more people buzzing being pretty damn good. Unfortunately for me it just ended up as rather a wash-out. I will return on a hot summers day to test out this theory – it feels the best I can do for writing what from I can tell are so far the only negative words about it on the internets.

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  • theskinnybib

    Hi Ross,

    The rain was definitely a big factor here. The first time I went it was pouring (had to struggle not to have rain in my pork!) but the second and third ’twas relatively lovely. To me, it effected the way I ate – taking time, chatting, etc.

    The ribs and wings usually come out later during the day. After 4-5pm. And this is due to the time it takes to cook them as well as the demand of the crowd. If you pass by again, you should definitely give it a go. I haven’t had wings myself so I’m super keen to return ^_^

    PS You’ve tried Big Apple Hot Dogs?

  • Mzungu

    I was also a bit underwhelmed with the whole bar-b-q experience. It was good but not like what everyone has been raving on about.
    I do love the quality of the street food we are starting to get now. It’s a start.