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Ordering eggs in America

by Ross Bruniges on July 5th, 2011

Being someone who eats out loads I very rarely get worried about ordering things from a menu. I think I’m pretty good at picking out the gems on a menu and when ordering have no worries in speaking to the waiter or waitress getting my order in. On a recent trip to Portland, Oregon I lost a lot of my built up confidence when trying to order breakfast in a local cafe and the experience has put me through rather a lot of grief.

Thankfully I had some American speakers on hand to help me through but to ensure that such an event never happens again, both for me and my readers I’m noting down the options in this post for future reference, I hope it helps avoid any unwanted breakfast faux pas!!

The good news is that poached and scrambled are all easily understood as were from what I could tell boiled. But when you get into fried egg territory everything took a huge change for the worse!

Sunny side up

Eggs sunny side up by Kristin Brenemen (original)

The old classic. Cooked on only one side you get a nice runny yolk perfect for dipping toast, bacon or whatever else you might have ordered. Beware having these in a sandwich. Failure will likely follow.


Eggs over-soft (I think) by MBK (Marjie) (original)

Flipped over but cooked for so little time on the flip side you still get a rather wobbly egg consistency and all the runny yolk you could shake a stick at. From seeing these ordered I couldn’t see their USP – but I am English..


Eggs done over-medium by Tojosan (original)

If you’re not a fan of runny egg white on the top of the egg but still want that runny yolk this seems to be the best option to go for. Flipped over my only cooked for a little while. Normally you get a little bit of hard yolk but you get enough runny stuff to make dunking still a viable option.


Over-hard eggs, with pastrami and latkes

You may call me weird for this but this is how I like my eggs done. I like the crisp egg white and the yolk always seems to taste that much richer for having been cooked until hard all the way through. Also perfect for putting in a sandwich!

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