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Mi Casa

by Ross Bruniges on March 18th, 2012

At a glance

Mi Casa

Cost : £6.95



Victoria Station



Some nice touches – raw red onion and a squeeze of fresh lime providing a bit of additional intensity but unfortunately the main ingredients of meat and beans were pour and rather unfresh and it felt like rather a thin burrito for the hefty price tag. Guac included in the price though, which at least is something…

Part of Londons best burrito

Back in October 2010 I decided to try and find what I felt was London's best burrito after noticing that there was quite a lot of choice. To make it a fair test I set the following rules:

  • steak burrito
  • no guacamole
  • hot sauce
  • to go (no knife and fork allowed)

How does this burrito ran in my quest? See my full list of what I feel are London's best burritos.

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  • naa

    Just bought a burritto at micasa, not my first tme. The guy serving, a black guy, shook his head and frowned at me because I changed my mind and wanted a bit of spice on my burrito. Should have walked away but too hungry after shopping. Will not be going back

  • David Banks

    The spicy habanero sauce was almost all concentrated within the guacamole, creating a delicious burst of heat tempered by the creamy avocado texture. Amazing, would try again, although it set my mouth on fire. I was served by a lovely spanish girl with dreads at Victoria.