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This website comes as the result of years of eating out in London restaurants, restaurants around the world, attempting to review restaurants on other sites and generally being lazy at getting it made and launched sooner; or spending too much time watching food shows on TV.

That’s me – Ross Bruniges. I don’t always wear a beard but I do the yellow watch!

I’ve been lucky enough to have been introduced to different types of food from a pretty early age back in the olden days where the choices pretty much started in China and ended in India with very little in between. I’ve always been pretty adventurous in what I eat and that has, in most cases provided me with memorable meals though not always a good ones as for every delicious Spiced Soft Shell crab there is the chance it can turn into a manky brain curry. My thinking though is that if enough people start reading this thing then I’m going to be helping people avoid the crap stuff!

I go to places that look tasty opposed to where I am told is trendy, though of course if I think it looks tasty I will go to a trendy restaurant. I don’t have a list of places I’d like to go (anymore) after trying in the past and having it grow and grow until I couldn’t easily choose where to go. I try and get out somewhere nice once a month, sometimes two for special occasions. If a tasting menu is offered I will take it 9 times out of 10 and I will always attempt at taking photos of what I eat.

I hope that you enjoy reading my reviews and random rants about all things foody. If  you think that I’m talking rubbish or slated your favourite place then please let me know and if you’d like to hear my thoughts on somewhere let me know (I’ve been to more places than mentioned on this site due to its newness); if it looks good there is a chance I will end up there sooner or later.


Urbanspoon is cool, it’s easy to add to the blog and, hopefully, it adds a bit of backing to what I’m saying about a place. I’m also very competitive so their leaderboard is something that I can grade myself again. No idea how the ratings work, but regardless I’m interested in seeing how high I can get!

Ross eats London restaurants

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Ross Bruniges