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Jul 3 13 in London Burritos


by Ross Bruniges

A very dry but very reasonably sized burrito – pretty dry grilled steak and far too much brown rice soaking up whatever moisture that was being provided by the sauce and sour cream. The impressively named ‘mule drivers’ hot sauce didn’t hit the right spots. Nothing about it was nasty but equally nothing was that great either.


But how does it rank in my list of London's best burrito?

Apr 20 13 in Reviews

Momofuku Shōtō, Toronto

by Ross Bruniges

Momofuku Toronto is David Chang’s first opening in Canada, and one of the hottest reservations in town. Translating roughly to “lucky peach” I certainly felt fortunate to tackle their online reservations system and bag a seat at Shōtō, their tasting menu restaurant for a Saturday diner and 10 course feast. read more…

Apr 1 13 in Reviews


by Ross Bruniges

While there are more than enough restaurants in London to keep even the keenest epicurean more than happy on occasion it’s nice to leave the bright lights behind and make a special trip somewhere special for rest, relaxation and country air. I’ve long been a fan of the food being cooked out of the kitchens at Northcote with dishes from now managing director Nigel Haworth and head chef Lisa Allen seen on shows like The Great British Menu looking delicious enough to have me add it to the list and finally make the trip up to Blackburn to have a nice long weekend and celebrate 3 years with my fantastic girlfriend Ella. read more…