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Mar 19 13 in Reviews

Alyn Williams at The Westbury

by Ross Bruniges

When I discovered that you could get some great wines to eat with Indian food I don’t think I’ve ever gone out of my way to order a beer in a restaurant ever again, this isn’t to say that I’ve gone off beer (far from it) but your standard lagers in a hotel bar aren’t going to be a great match for food unless you’re lucky enough to find a place selling Estrella Damm Inedit. Some restaurant seem to be keen to buck the trend of only having wine with food so seeing a high-class tasting menu matched with beer sounded like something I couldn’t not go for! read more…

Feb 23 13 in Reviews

Bob Bob Ricard

by Ross Bruniges

Luxury; a word that used alongside a restaurant musters up visions of bankers splurging their monthly bonus up the wall, of people needlessly spending high prices on ‘rustic’ food, or, as it generally is for me the kind of place I take myself for the occasional pick me up, or for a reward for getting through a tough time. Their websites says that the ‘Bob Bob Ricard Menu offers luxury English and Russian classics’ and along the way I found it also provides a number of delightful quirks and, most important of all, some damn good plates of food. read more…

Dec 20 12 in Reviews


by Ross Bruniges

Mishkins labels itself as ‘a kind-of Jewish deli with cocktails’ – probably a fair explanation as while the menu contains a couple of classic Jewish staples like chopped liver, schnitzels and meatballs it feels absolutely nothing like any Jewish deli that I’ve been to (Gaby’s on Charing Cross Road, anything serving beigels in Brick Lane or further afield Katz Deli in New York). When it opened Twitter was awash with pictures of peoples reubens (and to provide a bit of a spoiler it is a damned good sandwich) but what about everything else on the menu? read more…