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By day I work as a web developer. As I like talking about all things web here is the one page in the site where food WON’T be mentioned (don’t worry I don’t expect there to be more) but I let you know what went into making the site and say thanks to the people who helped me in getting it live.

The site is powered by WordPress and is now hosted on linode, I can’t design so was thankful to stumble upon the titan theme from Theme Foundry that I have created a custom theme from.


To make my life easier by not having to write that much PHP I used the following plug-ins:


To further enhance the site I’m using the following APIs:

  • flickr to import in the photos I have alongside each review
  • google static maps to embed the mini location maps for each place I visit

Open source

My theme files are all on github so you can see how things are looking under the hood. If you like stuff please use it and please feel free to ask me questions about anything there. Of course the plugins are not my own work, but having them all in one place is making it really easy to keep the site well maintained!

I’ll be tweaking things over time (I’ve already got a few things planned), if you’re interested then you’ll be able to see what I’m up to on this page.