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Would like to eat at…

While I’ve mentioned that I now don’t keep a list of places that I’ll be going to in a particular year I’ve decided to deviate slightly from my promise and create a list of special places for special occasions like birthdays, new jobs and weekends away outside of London. I don’t plan on getting through this list anytime soon but it will at least give me somewhere to keep my thoughts; and equally for anyone wanting to take me out to dinner…

  • L’Enclume

    Parent restaurant of current London favourite Roganic. Simon Rogan cooking the best of English produce in Cumbria

  • Sketch

    London outpost of renowned French chef Pierre Gagnaire

  • The Dock Kitchen

    A pop-up gone full time. Chef Stevie Parle and team travel the world and come back to cook what they've learnt and experienced.

  • The Sportsman

    A gastro pub that I'm told is worth taking a day off work to take the day down to Kent for, has been recommended me for years now.

  • The Wild Garlic

    One of the first of the new wave of Masterchef winners Mat Follas opened up shop in Dorset. He was a fave of mine on the show.

  • Wiltons

    A restaurant that has been open for years but where chef Andrew Turner's food always seems modern and initiative. Looks pricey though...

  • http://none pragnesh

    Eaten at the Ritz a couple of times, was a very nice experience, your not from Swindon are you Ross?

    • Ross Bruniges

      Hell no! Just for 9 months while I was working thankfully.

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